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Our acrylic quality and style are what put Chissy Beauty Studio apart from its competitors. The products used are the finest ingredients and our industry research and procurement team are among the top in the nail industry nationwide. With all the different nail design salons out there today Chissy Beauty Studio still is on top in its quality service, innovation, creativity, and design.

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We provide all amenities and basic products.  Feel free to bring yours.

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Upon arrival you will have a few minutes consultation with our expert who will determine the best approach to service your hair.

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Creative acrylic nail is to create the most innovative products and services and bring them to the clients. Education workshops etc.  Book a session today

Acrylic is a magical material that turns into a hard, nail-like texture, and can either be a quick fix to having long, almond-shaped claws for your next party or a staple in your beauty routine if you tend to have brittle nails. Acrylic nails are applied by mixing together a powder and a liquid solution to form a small bead, which has the texture of dough. This is then pressed onto each nail with a brush, and it hardens once shaped.


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