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Gel Polish Nail art is still having a moment. Standard manicures are continuing to taking a back seat in favour of bold gel polish patterns, peek-a-boo negative space and chrome details so reflective you don’t need a compact. If you’re looking to spice up your nail game with  Book A Session With Us Today

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide all amenities and basic products.  Feel free to bring yours.

You can call the to verify a free slot or use the booking buttons below to secure an appointment with our center.

Upon arrival you will have a few minutes consultation with our expert who will determine the best approach to service your hair.

While we have specialist in UV liquid gel extensions, Chissy Beauty Studio also offers up a variety of different sets from powder and liquid gel, acrylic and solar nails to glitter, chromes and mattes. Beauty is all about putting the clients first.

Nail art enthusiasts take note: our salon and store not only transforms your tips with statement designs, Chissy Beauty Studio combines awesome art with superior service, this salon is all about letting loose and having fun with your nails.

gel polish
gel polish

After booking, our consultants will call you to discuss your requirements, confirm your appointment and quote accurately.

    • [latepoint_book_button button class=”btn aqua-gradient” text_color=”#000000″ caption=”Book” selected_service=”46″] COLOUR

      R 185

    • [latepoint_book_button button class=”btn aqua-gradient” text_color=”#000000″ caption=”Book” selected_service=”47″] FRENCH

      R 210

    • [latepoint_book_button button class=”btn aqua-gradient” text_color=”#000000″ caption=”Book” selected_service=”48″] OMBRE

      R 250

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