The therapy

Massage relaxes muscle tissue, which reduces painful contractions and spasms while increasing the flow of blood and oxygen and decreasing pain. A single session can also reduce nerve compression. To understand this, consider that when muscles are contracted, they sometimes compress the nerves around them.

Massage has been found to be effective for patients with these conditions: low back pain, cancer, heart bypass surgery, anxiety, migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome and high blood pressure.

Your well being is our concern, get our expert touch, a moment of relaxed  healing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer depends on your pain and physical needs, your stress and emotional needs, and of course, your budget.

5 Things You Should Never Do Before Your Massage 

  • Drink. Water, yes, but alcohol is a real nono. …
  • Sunbathe. This is tough to avoid on vacation, but experts recommend spending the day-of your massage out of direct sunlight to help prevent sunburn. …
  • Feel ill. …
  • Self-groom. …
  • Shower

After your massage, you’ll be feeling relaxed, your blood will be flowing and your muscles should feel like jello. Your massage therapist will mention why it’s important to drink plenty of water after a massage but you might be so relaxed at that moment that you won’t completely take it all in.

Regular Sessions

Regularly will have the most benefit. A session once a week, or every two weeks would be ideal, but may not be realistic for every person. Book A Session Today

Chissy Beauty Studio professional therapist will climax your relaxed state of mind within just few minutes into the session.


After booking, our consultants will call you to discuss your requirements, confirm your appointment and quote accurately.

    • [latepoint_book_button button class=”btn aqua-gradient” text_color=”#000000″ caption=”Book” selected_service=”87″] FULL BODY MASSAGE

      R 450

    • [latepoint_book_button button class=”btn aqua-gradient” text_color=”#000000″ caption=”Book” selected_service=”88″] NECK and BACK

      R 290

    • [latepoint_book_button button class=”btn aqua-gradient” text_color=”#000000″ caption=”Book” selected_service=”89″] FOOT and CALF

      R 250

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