Cornrow, originally an African style, is made for curly and frizzy types of hair. It is nevertheless possible to make boxer briefs, in a particular single row, on straight hair. To obtain the most successful results, this hair trend is carried out on medium to long hair.

On short hair, the length is an obstacle to achieving great results like the main braids. The longer the hair, the more striking the effect. Cornrows are favored by women with dark skin or dark and dark brown hair to black.

It is one of the most versatile ways to style and protect curly and coarse hair. You’ll often see these gorgeous braids done in straight lines from the hairline, but they can also be weaved in intricate styles and fun designs.

Cornrows are tight, 3 strand braids that are braided close to the scalp. Their characteristic 3D look is created by weaving the strands under one another while also picking up hair from underneath.

Cornrow is one of the services we offer at Chissy Beauty Studio, and our team of professionals are on ground to make the prettiest cornrow for you in just one hour with great products.

How we make our cornrows at Chissy Beauty Studio

We work hard to help you achieve an impeccable result which is a well-made cornrow; contact us to make your cornrows.

For an optimal result, we advise you to wear your boxer braids one or two days after shampooing. Otherwise, your braids may not hold up as well.

Before we begin, we make use of the following equipment: a brush and possibly a detangling lotion, a comb, and several rubber bands.

We always advise our clients with curly or frizzy hair to smooth out the locks at the head level first to make braiding easier, and moisten their hair before we start braiding.

The very first step we do is to detangle your hair using a brush and a large-tooth comb thus making sure there are no remaining knots. Then we trace the stripe(s) which will serve as a basis for your braids. For more volume, we sometimes opt for the boxer braid trend with only two rows, one on each side of the central parting.

For additional rows, we draw the central parting, then, going down to the side, draw the number of lines we want while doing the same symmetrically on the other side.

Starting with the first row, we take the strand located towards the forehead; divide this strand into three parts and braid by crossing the strands inside out. This is indeed one of the essential points of the cornrow! As we braid your hair, we add an additional section of hair to each cross while moving towards the back of the head.  Once this braid is complete, we tie it with elastic.

We repeat the operation with each row delimited beforehand. For only two braids, we make sure we have taken all the hair on each side of the parting. If you’re making several braids, what we do is gather the hair on the left of the central part in a single braid starting from the nape of the neck, and do the same for all the strands on the right. Easy, we’re simply the best in the whole of Cape Town when it comes to cornrows.


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Cornrow braids

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