Balayage Hair, Blow Dry, Ombre and Blond Hair Styling and Treatments
Balayage Hair, Ombre and Treatments

Hair Highlights or Balayage Hair

There are so many professional terms for coloring Balayage hair that it is almost impossible to keep up with them.

The point of these luxurious names is to add light to an area of ​​the hair, and here we break them down.

What are balayage hair highlights?

The moment’s coloring technique creates a stunning effect on your hair, and it looks wonderfully natural.

Learn all about Balayage hair: how it works, what makes it different from ombré, if it also looks good on short hair and brown, blonde, red or black, what is better with this method? 

Bullet-what? Trendsetters talk about it, but does it sound like Chinese to you? Don’t panic; we’ll explain:   

Balayage hair highlights: what you need to know

Instead of separating individual sections of hair according to the traditional highlighting method, dye from roots to ends and wrapping them in aluminum foil, the strands gently hold with one hand and stained with a movement similar to sweeping.

This makes it possible to create color mixes of various intensities, resulting in a very vivid look.

The root remains intact; the color is applied in the lengths, especially in the ends, particularly in the sections surrounding the face. In this way, impressive effects are achieved, and contours are emphasized.

The transitions between the dyed strands are fluid and smooth, making the result very natural and suitable for the wearer.

The most delicate or most pronounced contrasts are created by selectively applying color,

Visually reducing or increasing the volume according to preferences and hair type.

Not to mention that the interplay of light and dark tones also produces a flattering contouring effect.  So this trend applied makeup also works for hair.

The face can be shaped and perfected, thanks to the deliberate application of highlights. 

What is the difference between Balayage hair highlights and an ombré look? 

The ombré trend is a fully color gradient: dark roots or lengths, depending on where the  Transition begins and lighter ends.

If the light color starts at the source, the color begins to be applied more or less at the ears or lower level, and completely covers all the ends of the hair.

This creates a striking look, in comparison, the two colors are differentiated in the ombré.

Two-tone eyes, the reflections of different shades in the Balayage hair result in a work of art that looks natural. 


What size fits best with Balayage hair?

From a pixie to a straight or curly bob, a long hair, be adapted to each cut and texture.

However, the most impressive effect is achieved in the XL manes.

Why? The longer the fur (we recommend at least shoulder length), the more creatively locks can be placed.

Besides, the movement in long, flowing hair, especially with waves, makes the play of colors even more vivid. 

What colors come into play in Balayage hair highlights? 

Adding touch to your natural color at this point is personal or just adding another mix with Balayage hair, you will be wowed by the end product.

Ever thought about adding some golden highlights on a chocolate-colored mane. Go big, or go home. 

Balayage hair looks

Be it long or short hair, collected or loose, Balayage hair highlights flatter many hair types.

Discover some of the most impressive hairstyles:

  • Soft waves. Little effort and significant effect. You can make the most of a long hair with Balayage hair. Especially suitable for summer.
  • Long bob. The streaked medium length is modern, romantic and natural, and all rolled into one. The coloring trend is beneficial with a wavy look, be it short, medium or long.
  • New color mix. It is unnecessary to use the classic brown and blonde combination, but black hair can also look better with this technique. 
  • Pigtail. The Balayage ponytail has a surprising effect. With the discreet reflections, a spectacular range of colors is created in the hair. Gathered in a high ponytail and curling it with soft waves, the Balayage hair mane looks stunning.
  • Braid pin: In braided hair, the color effect created by these highlights creates a guaranteed hit effect.


Chissy Beauty Studio Ombré hair color involves hair that gradually transitions from dark to light, from your roots to your ends.  We handle and nature your hair to achieve your desired radiancy.

Blow Dry

A method of styling the hair while drying is an art that we experienced stylist have mastered.  We have deployed quality and professional hair dryers  and experts to give you  the best results, comfort and surely nothing to worry about.

If you have thin or brittle hair or experiencing hair loss, be sure to speak with our stylist about the best nourishing hair treatments, conditioning products, and styling methods to show off your new look without causing any damage.

Some of the prominent product lines and brands we use: Mycro Keratin (great for Balayage hair)| Mizani | Ladine | Dark and Lovely | Merix Color Professional |Serie Expert L’Oreal Professional for Moisture, Protein and Colors, relaxers and treatments

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  • Blow Dry Short

    This include your shampoo & blow dry

    R200.00 30 Min
  • Blow Dry Long

    It is a widely used technique that perfects the order and shine of the hair.

    R230.0060 Min
  • Haircut Blow-Dry & Style Short

    This include straightening or curls.

    R2380.0045 Min
  • Haircut Blow-Dry & Style Medium

    This include straightening or curls.

    R380.0060 Min
  • Haircut Blow-Dry & Style Long

    Regardless of hair length, it is perfect for any occasion.

    R425.001 H 15 Min
  • Blow Dry Short Medium

    Blow Dry your hair in short medium length

  • Creative Cut Only, Wet or Dry

    . No Styling.

    R230.0045 Min
  • Blow & Fringe Cut


    R150,0045 Min
  • Flat Iron Curls


    R55.0030 Min
  • Silver Brightening Shampoo or Treatment


    R55.0015 Min
  • Red Carpet Up Do


    R450.0060 Min


  • 50ML incl. foils & blow dry

    This include a toner, trim and blowdry. Hot irons/curls and restyle cut will be additionally charged.

    R800,0050 Min
  • 60ML incl. foils & blow dry

    Our 60ML includes foils and blow dry to steam your hair

    R900,001H 15Min
  • 75ML incl. foils & blow dry


    R1000,001H 30Min


  • Full head incl. cut & blow dry

    This include a toner, trim and blow dry.

    R1000.001H 15Min
  • Half head incl. cut & blow dry

    This style is for the youngsters and hipsters

    R850.000 Min
  • T/Section incl. cut & blow dry

    R750.0060 Min


  • 30ML incl. cut & blow dry

    This include your shampoo & blow dry

    R900.001H 15Min


  • 40ML incl. cut & blow dry

    This is the entry price. If you have overly thick or long hair, you will be charged more to cover the cost of product.

    R950,001H 10Min
  • Essasor - Colour cleaning


    R550,0060 Min


  • 5ML Toner

    When you refresh your current blonde hair colour or to remove unwanted yellow or brassy tones

    R200,0045 Min


  • 30ML incl. cut blow dry

    This is for a cut only, just a blast dry will be included

    R650,0050 Min
  • 40ML incl. cut blow dry

    Inclusive of Shampoo and Blow-dry style.

    R750,0060 Min
  • 50ML incl. cut blow dry

    This include your shampoo & blow dry

    R800,001H 10Min
  • 60ML incl. cut blow dry

    R900,0060 Min
  • Deep Power dose Treatment

    R275,0030 Min


  • Mizani Relaxer (Thick and Long Hair)

    This is the entry price

    R600,0060 Min
  • Mizani Retouch

    This service include take home treatment

    R450,0045 Min
  • Mizani Relaxer

    Fine/Colour Treated Hair This service include take home treatment

    R550,0045 Min
  • Mizani Treatment

    This service include take home treatment

    R350,0030 Min
  • Mizani Wash

    15min Basin wash only

    R190,0015 Min
  • Ladine Relaxer


    R350,0030 Min
  • Dark and Lovely Premium


    R250,0030 Min
  • Oil, Scalp and Scrub Treatment

    R250,0020 Min
  • General Relaxer treatment


    R200,0015 Min


  • 10ML

    This service DOES NOT include any color or cutting.

    R625,0045 Min
  • 20ML

    This service DOES NOT include any color or cutting.

    R925,0060 Min
  • 30ML

    This service DOES NOT include any color or cutting.

    R1 275,001H 15Min
  • 50ML


    R1 775,001H 10Min
  • 60ML


    R2 175,001H 20Min
  • 20ML

    Treatment within 6 Weeks Later

    R875,0060 Min


dyeing the use of dye to change the colour of something permanently. More (Definitions, Synonyms, Translation)